ICAPS 2018

Tutorial on Integrating Classical Planning and Mobile Service Robots using ROSPlan

25-Jun-2018, TU Delft, Netherlands


ROSPlan is an important tool that creates a bridge between planning and robotics within the ROS framework, however for various reasons is not yet widely used. For instance, we have observed that most of the decision making engines used in RoboCup@Home robotic competitions is based on automatas. We propose an approach to strongly motivate the use of planning in robotics by encapsulating the robot primitive behaviors into well organized, structured state machines wrapped around robot actions. In this tutorial we take a hands-on approach using a simulated service robot, working on an apartment like environment. At the end of the tutorial, attendees should be able to construct the required domain, problem definition, and required knowledge that will enable the agent to accomplish simple household tasks.

Program and slides

  1. Welcome and outline of the tutorial (slides)
  2. ROS essentials (slides)
  3. ROSPlan and integration with PDDL planners (slides)
  4. Introduction to the robot skills with live demo (slides)
  5. Hands-on session
  6. Q&A and discussion


This repository contains both the instructions and the data files used in the hands-on session of the tutorial:



Oscar Lima (email)

Rodrigo Ventura (email, webpage)

Institute for Systems and Robotics – Lisbon
Instituto Superior T├ęcnico
Universidade de Lisboa