Robots and Infrastructures

ISRoboNet@Home Test Bed

funded by several EU Projects since FP6


MBot, also known as Gasparzinho and Mordomo, is an autonomous mobile robot designed for social interaction.


RAPOSA is a family of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) semi-autonomous robots.

ATRV-Jr + UR5e mobile manipulator

refurbished ATRV-Jr + UR5e mobile manipulator

TIAGo Steel domestic robot

The TIAGo Steel robot is equipped with a differential-drive base. It has a front laser range-finder and rear sonars which are used for mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance. It has a 7 degree of freedom arm with a parallel gripper as end-effector and a lifting torso that allows it to reach higher. In addition it has a speaker and stereo microphone useful for human-robot interaction and an RGB-D camera positioned in the head for object detection andlocalization, people tracking, obstacle perception and visual servoing.

Space CoBot

The Space CoBot is a free-flying robot, designed to assist astronauts in indoor micro-gravity environments, such as inside an orbiting space station.


This is the ISR version of the CoBot concept (which stands for Collaborative Robot).

Soccer Robots

The MSL ISocRob team (Intelligent Soccer Robots) is the original robotic team of the SocRob project and has evolved over the years since 1997.

Software, Hardware & Datasets

Educational open source software developed by IRS group staff for IST courses (mostly Python).

  • Bayes filtering in 1-D, including Discrete Bayes, Kalman filter, Particle filtering (Monte-Carlo), and occupancy grid mapping (inverse sensor model):
  • Solving Sudoku using plain backtrack search:
  • Pioneer DX3 robot interface software for MATLAB:

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

AAAI – Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

RoboCup – Robot World Cup Initiative

SPR – Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica

APPIA – Associação Portuguesa Para a Inteligência Artificial

CR SIG – EURON Special Interest Group on Cooperative Robotics

MASPlan Multiagent Sequential Decision Making Under Uncertainty

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Os Robôs Futebolistas

Podcast 110 Histórias 110 Objetos
RAPOSA, Busca e Salvamento

Podcast 110 Histórias 110 Objetos
Os AGVs: da Feira da Ladra ao ITER

Podcast 110 Histórias 110 Objetos
Space CoBot

Podcast 110 Histórias 110 Objetos


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